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Naturopathic Consultation

Lets face it.... losing weight is hard. There are so many pitfalls that get in the way of our success. Evolution Weight Management Program is a Naturopath supervised program that features a full line of homeopathic and nutritional products designed to help clients overcome those common pitfalls. 

Together we develop a safe, effective plan to address these issues during each phase of weight release and maintenance.Success is within your reach!

Learn nutritional deficiencies, food sensitivities, microbiome health, ideal food plan, and targeted supplementation suggestions for your digestive symptoms. Appointment is available In Person or Remote by phone.

Revolutionary Weight Release

Detox Consultation

Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?

This is where you start! During each 1 hour consultation we use BioEnergetic Screening to evaluate hormones, neurotransmitters, pathogens, chemical exposure, heavy metals, structural alignment, organ function, food sensitivities, nutrient deficiencies, and emotions.  This brings balance to your body and relieves your strange symptoms.  Your body can heal! This leads to greater wellness and symptom relief. Lets build a more vibrant you!  This consultation can be done  In Person or Remote by phone or Zoom.

This 30 min bioenergetic consultation determines the pathogen, chemical, heavy metal, or organ detox necessary to advance your health journey. You are either accumulating toxins or releasing them. Stop guessing, start tageting toxins effectively. Appointments are available In Person or Remote by phone or Zoom.

Vibrant health is for everyone!  I offer a personalized approach to rediscovering your most vibrant self. 

Digestive/Nutrition Consultation

Structural Alignment Assessment


Do you struggle with daily pain?

Have you tried chiropractic, medications, exercise, and diet to reduce your pain with little permanent relief? During this appointment we will use Meridian Stress Assessment to map the structure of your body. Using this information we will stimulate trigger points to increase the flow of energy through the stressed joints. This results in less pain. Results are typically felt the same day.

Clients claim better body movement, less pain, increased range of motion, ease of mind, less stress, and better hold on their chiropractic adjustments.