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The best Healer@Home is YOU!

When your child get an ear ache in the middle of the night do you have the skills, knowledge, and tools to handle it effectively without running to urgent care? Do you know when to seek professional medical advice and when you can handle it at home? Are you tired of not getting answers to simple health questions?

This program will give you the confidence to handle every day health issues quickly at home. Don't just wait for things to get better.... be proactive and help your family feel better quickly.

Topics we will cover include...

earaches                              rashes                      sore throat
diet and lifestyle                 stomach issues      bug bites

colds and flu                       headache                 vomiting
mental health                     body pain                 and so much more

You will know the tools to use, both supplements and other therapies. You will learn when you should go to the doctor and when you can handle it at home, saving your time and money

Included in this program

  • Naturopath guided coaching for 6 months Monthly group zoom calls and training
  • 1 FREE Family appointment in person
  • constant Voxer access to the naturopath
  • FREE access to Naturally Vibrant You online class




If you have every had a child get sick and not known what to do to help them get better then this mastermind is for you.