Revitalized water has an underlying structure and becomes highly organized and dynamic. This water has an internal structure and is very energetically dynamic. Real natural spring water is revitalized water. This water feels soft and thick in the mouth with a slightly salty feel. Another name for Revitalized water is structured water. The water feels like it has a structure and it is a very efficient method of storing information according to Masauru Emoto.

Masauru Emoto found that water stores information in its structure and can transmit that information to the body. Now think of the larger implications of this….. your body is mostly water. Information, feelings, and thoughts are stored within the structure of your water molecules.

To read his groundbreaking book click here!

Benefits of Revitalized water

  1. Improved taste and freshness
  2. Truly satisfies your thirst
  3. Enhanced feeling of wellbeing
  4. Feels smooth
  5. Reduced allergies
  6. Better hydration with less water
  7. Faster uptake of water to the kidneys and liver
  8. Deliver natural minerals and electrolytes 

There are several ways to make your own revitalized or structured water.

  1. Tribest Duet Water Revitalizer returns water to its living, liquid crystalline state with high levels of oxygen and vital energy.
  2. Put filtered water into a blue glass bottle with a pinch of Redmond salt and set it in the direct sun for 4 hours
  3. Some people use magnets to reorganize the water.
  4. You may attach words and symbols to the outside of a water bottle and set it in the sun.
  5. Put diced fruit, a sprig of mint, a pinch of Redmond salt in a mason jar and put it in the fridge overnight.

My favorite method is #5 because I can make up lots of different combinations and get them all ready a head of time. Quick, easy, and ready to go. When you have consumed what is in your mason jar, just refill with the same fruit mix and away you go again. I find that I can refill it 2-3 times and still get the natural nutrients from this concoction.

The next question I usually get when I talk about the recipes is "Why Redmond Salt?" Because it is a naturally occurring salt mined in the US that contains over 70 trace minerals your body needs.

Flavor combinations
Lemon, basil, Redmond salt
Orange, lemon, Redmond salt
Blueberry, basil, Redmond salt
Cucumber, mint, Redmond salt
Strawberry, lemon, Redmond salt
Lemon, Ginger, Redmond mint

How much water should you drink? My recommendation is half your body weight in water every day, not to exceed 80 ounces. If you drink more than 80 ounces your body will start flushing your minerals out.

If you are interested in learning more about the amazing ability of water to store information, read Masauru Emoto’s book. This is a fantastic book that changed how I look at water in all its forms.

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What it is and why you need to drink it every day!

Revitalized Water